Double Eyelid Surgery – Before & After

Lower eyelids can be a problem with age, and bulging of fat gives a tired or sad appearance. Most Asian patients do not need any skin removed from the lower eyelids, and so a laser approach through the inside of the eyelid is used (transconjunctival blepharoplasty). This often leaves no bruising or black and blue, and allows complete recovery in five days to a week. As the skin is not cut, there is no scarring.

Before After
18 year old Chinese female shown before and three months after double eyelid surgery.
29 year old Korean female with heavy single eyelids desiring low tapered creases.
46 year old Filipino female with slight ptosis and multiple skin folds desiring well-defined higher crease.
27 year old female with low incomplete crease seeking higher complete medium parallel crease.
25 year old Indonesian female desiring low tapered crease with slight lateral flare.
18 year old Japanese-Occidental female of mixed lineage shown before and two years after double eyelid surgery.
45 year old Filipino female requesting a medium parallel crease.
59 year old Chinese female with marked skin excess as well as ptosis (droopy lid). Despite age, thin skin of good quality makes her a surgical candidate. Result three weeks after double eyelid surgery with ptosis repair shows some remaining swelling.

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