Can a Bad Diet Cause Puffy Eyes?

Fast Food Bad DietInadequate consumption of nutritious diet, particularly antioxidants, can result in the weak blood vessels and capillaries and improper circulation of fluids in the body. Aside from this, many foods are known to cause inflammation in body as a result of spikes caused by them in insulin and blood sugar levels. The under eye skin area being delicate and thin is quite susceptible to fluid retention thereby causing puffy eyes.

Aside from this, advancing age, inflammation or leaks in the blood vessels cause discoloration and under eye bags in sensitive under eye skin.

Even if a person consumes a nutrient rich diet, his or her ability to absorb those nutrients decrease with advancing age. For this reason, older persons should try to consume more supplements without consuming too much of calories.

Despite tall claims by many companies, their puffy eye creams fail to provide the desired results because they use less of active ingredients and more of harmful chemicals. You should use that puffy cream which uses natural ingredients and can help in fading away black under eye circles and reduce puffy eyes too. Its regular use will prevent their reoccurrence in the later years.

Eye Cream with Natural IngredientsMany effective eye creams use Eyeliss that has proved its worth in reducing under eye bags permanently. The cream based on this ingredient is being used by rich and famous as well as common people with dramatic results.

This ingredient not only firms up the delicate under eye skin but also improves drainage in this area thereby reducing puffy eyes permanently. In a recent study on 30 volunteers between 25 to 65 years of age, who were suffering from chronic puffy eyes, about 75 % showed dramatic reduction in their puffy eyes within a month.

The under eye skin being delicate and thin and need special care. With improvement of its thickness, puffy eye problem can be reduced to great extent and this skin area becomes less prone to various skin damages.

When you use such quality ingredients in a natural puffy eye cream, you will start noticing the results within few weeks as your under eye bags starts disappearing for ever. The health of your under eye skin improves, thereby ensuring that these signs of aging never return again in future. You will also find it easy to keep a healthy under eye skin regime with the hassle free application of puffy eye cream.

Aside from Eyeliss, puffy eye creams also use Manuka, Vitamin E and Homeo age for providing you perfect blend of natural herbs that start acting immediately on their application on under eye skin area.

Drink a Lot of WaterLastly, you should drink adequate amount of water (about 8-9 glasses) each day for proper hydration and movement of body fluids. This will not only help you in reducing black under eyes but also tone up your fluid circulation in the blood vessels of body thereby making your skin more vibrant and young. You should also reduce your salt intake as it has a property to retain fluids thereby compounding your problem of puffy eyes.