Can Allergies Cause Puffy Eyes?

allergie and puffy eyesInflammation and allergies can be caused due to various reasons like cosmetics, beauty products, allergens and skin creams. Mascara made using chemicals is the most common cause for allergies wherein harmful chemicals in it react with skin cells resulting in allergy and resultant rashes.

To prevent allergies due to cosmetics, one must preferably use hypoallergenic cosmetics. Allergies in a delicate under eye skin can cause inflammation resulting in improper circulation of blood causing puffy eyes. Puffy eyes cause a person to look much older than his age and tired as well.

As puffy eyes may result due to variety of reason aside from allergies, it is wise to experiment a little with various treatments to get rid of them. You should start with the simple one; drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day. You should also reduce your salt intake and take sound sleep. These things will help you in reducing the effects of puffy eyes to great extent.

In the meantime, you can get in touch with your doctor to ascertain if allergies are causing your puffy eyes. Doctor will examine you and suitably suggest medication depending upon the allergy if he finds one.

Though majority of eye creams or gel many not show effective results in case of puffy eyes, you can see dramatic improvement by using different forms of cold compress. Icy cold water, ice cubes, chilled cucumber slices and chilled facial masks can help you in getting rid of your puffy eyes when you use them as compress.

veretables and fruits healthy remediesWhile using chilled milk or water, you can squeeze excess water from cotton before applying it on your eyes. You can use such cold compresses for about 15 minutes on your eyes and ice cubes for the duration that is tolerable.

You will get much faster results with the cold remedies and the effects stay on for a longer period. This happens because cold temperature reduces the swelling that causes puffy eyes and in many cases, puffy eyes disappear altogether.

You should consume lots of vegetables and fruits like cucumber, apple, strawberry and peaches. Application of thin slices of cucumber and potato helps in removing puffy eyes and black under eyes in the under eye skin area. The nutrients present in cucumber and potato nourish the under eye skin area thereby helping in the removal of black under eyes.

You would need to keep patience and experiment a bit to successfully deal with your puffy eye problem. It is a fact that what works for one person may not be beneficial for another person. Most of these natural remedies help in reducing puffy eyes and their results are long lasting. Remedial measures in case of puffy eyes are necessary because if they are left unchecked, it may even damage your blood vessels resulting in permanent problem of discoloration of under eye skin area and puffiness.

You should give due consideration to your diet as nutritious diet rich in vitamin, minerals and fibers would go a long way in treating the eye puffiness.