Can Heredity Cause Dark Under Eye Circles?

Dark Circles Under EyesIn case under eye circles are causing you anxiety and discomfort, and you are feeling embarrassed in interacting with the people, you should immediately consult your doctor. Sometimes, they can occur due to allergy or illness. Any deficiency in the activity of thyroid gland can also cause dark under eye circles.

Is it possible for Heredity to cause dark circles?

Aside from this, hereditary factors are also responsible for black under eyes wherein this problem is passed through genes. There is nothing much that a person can do in such circumstances.

However, you can easily reduce most instances of dark under eyes with natural remedies. We are discussing few of them for your benefit.

Remedies to reduce dark under eye circles

You should develop a habit of going early to bed so as to take adequate sleep. You should also consume lots of fluids and increase your intake of water to about 7-8 glasses of water each day. Water helps in increasing the fluid circulation within the body and in under eye skin area, leading to much improvement in dark under eyes. Water also helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

1) Reduce salt consumption. Salt has a tendency of fluid retention as a result of which it can aggravate the problem of discoloration under eyes and puffiness.

2) Manage stress levels. You should carefully manage your stress levels on daily basis by ensuring appropriate outlets for managing both physical and emotional stress. You should always take time off for relaxation.

3) Eat well. You should have a healthy diet consisting of lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your food intake should include nutrients and vitamins that are vital for proper functioning of your body. Avoid consuming lots of fast foods and processed foods as they contain lots of salt and harmful chemicals.

Within a shortest period of time, you will see remarkable reduction in your dark under eyes and puffy under eyes. You will gain a much vibrant and younger looks. You should develop a habit of leading a stress free life where adequate time is allocated for fun and stress free activities.

Use an Eye Cream

You should use natural under eye creams that are rich in vitamin K and other essential minerals on regular basis on your under eye areas.

Other Remedies

Olive oil is great for your body. This oil is not only useful in reducing any risk to our heart but also helps in reducing dark under eyes. You should rub small amount of this oil on your under eye skin area to reduce the color of dark under eye circles. It also help in reducing the under eye swelling. In the absence of olive oil, you can also use almond oil on your under eye skin.

Cold compress using tea bags are extremely helpful in reducing dark under eyes. This can also be done using simple cloth. Take a piece of cloth and soak it in cold water. Then wring the excess water and apply it on your under eye skin area. Repeat it several times to get better results. It can be done several times a day to get faster results.