Can Hypothyroidism Cause Puffy Eyes?

Hypothyroidism is a serious healthy condition and can impact various aspects of your life. It mainly occurs due to very low production of thyroid hormone. You can control the effects of this condition by regulating your diet.

People suffering from hypothyroidism can feel debilitating effect of this disease on every aspect of their life and this disease can get worse if not treated in time. It can affect any part of body and can result in puffy eyes, thinning of your hair, constipation, depression, swelling in legs, etc.

Puffy eyes create an unhealthy and tired look in a person and he appears much older than his age.  However, it is not cumbersome to remove puffy eyes.

How to treat puffiness caused by Hypothyroidism

You should begin your treatment by keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. You should reduce the intake of salt as it has a tendency to retain water and can aggravate your problem of under eye bags. Aside from this, you should take adequate sleep each day for about 7-8 hours.

It has been observed that eye creams and gels take a longer to work in some cases of puffy eyes or sometimes they are not effective at all. You can use different cold compresses using cucumber slices, ice cubes, chilled gels, etc. You can also use chilled facial mask to get rid of your puffy eye problem.

Using those remedies which involve application of chilled items in the under eye area can show very positive results and help you in getting rid of them in the shortest time. This happens because cold temperature results in reducing the swelling, which actually causes puffy eyes. By using the cold remedies, people usually see their puffy eyes disappearing within a short period of time. In some people, puffy eyes disappear but some discoloration remains that can be treated by appropriate treatment including eye creams.

Foods to eat

Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables like apple, cucumber and potato helps a lot in mitigating the under eye swelling. You can also use thin slices of potato and cucumber on under eye skin area. The nutrients found in potato and cucumber are quite nourishing for the under eye skin.

You would need lots of patience, experimentation and time to deal with this puffy eye condition because what may work for one person may not be successful for another one. Most of these remedies start working immediately and give positive results that are long lasting. However, you should never leave this puffy eye condition unchecked as it can permanently damage the under eye blood vessels.

You will see market improvement in your puffy eye condition over a period of few months when you start your treatment with the proper combination of diet and natural remedies including under eye cream. You should give due consideration to the dietary factors if you see less improvement in your puffy eye condition over a period of time. With consistent efforts and patience, these under eye bags can be greatly reduced or eliminated for ever.