Can Mononucleosis Cause Puffy Eyes?

Infectious mononucleosis occurs due to Epstein-Barr virus. Though complete recovery is possible, but the process can be cumbersome. It is a self limiting condition and vanishes itself however certain therapies or preparations can assist the suffering person.

This illness effects people of all age groups but mostly young people are targeted. Body is capable of making anti-bodies, therefore one will get this infection just once. Few people experience reoccurrence when their immune system is compromised during the times of stress, less nutrition or smoking.

Usually mononucleosis may result in symptoms like sore throat, swelling in the neck glands and swelling in the under eye area that may bring about puffiness.

kollagen intensiv cream for puffy eyesYou can easily cure puffy eyes by using a effective natural cream that is available on market. You should choose the puffy eye cream that is made using ingredients that can help in curing the root cause of this problem. Aside from this, under eye cream should be totally safe. Many brands come out with chemical based puffy eye creams that can be harmful to your eyes and you should avoid them altogether.  As the area under your eyes is quite delicate and thin, you should use 100 % organic under eye cream to contain the puffy eyes problem.

Currently a product that is making waves in the market is called Kollagen Intensiv. This patented cream is very effective in treating your puffy eyes. Their claims have been verified independently and have been declared valid.

Kollagen Intensiv is being used by many celebrities as well as common people with success. In this cream Eyeliss has been combined with many other natural ingredients to make it effective in targeting various skin problems that occur around the eyes. It improves the fluid circulation in the under eye skin area dramatically. It also strengthens the fragile capillaries in this skin area and improves the elasticity of skin thereby improving any fine lines or wrinkles.

haloxyl ingredient in an eye creamAnother powerful ingredient found in herbal puffy eye cream is Haloxyl. This ingredient helps in easing the problem of hemoglobin accumulation and fluid retention that occurs due to bad drainage. It enhances the circulation, removes any accumulated waste or fluids thereby helping in the removal of puffy eyes by about 70 % within 2 months.

Other ingredients to look for in an effective puffy eye cream include Grapeseed oil, Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame; all these natural ingredients work together to de-age your eyes making it glow with beauty.

This is really effective puffy eye cream and you will see the results within a period of 60 days at the most. Though puffy eyes can occur due to various internal problems and hormonal imbalances, yet a effective under eye cream can do wonder by reducing the under eye lines, wrinkles and puffy eyes. Aside from this, you should also consume lots of water for maintaining proper fluid circulation within your body because this will further reduce your under eye puffiness.