Can Sleep Deprivation Cause Puffy Eyes?

Sleep Deprivation and Oversleeping

Sometimes fatigue and stress can cause swelling in the under eye skin area due to accumulation of fluids. This can sometime affect your vision to some extent. Aside from this, being in same position for hours during sleep can hinder the redistribution of body fluids as a result of which they can easily gather in your under eye skin area.

Sometimes, lack of proper sleep or long hours spent in watching television can also cause puffy eyes. In many people who possess perpetually puffy eyes, even small things can result in bloated eyes in their case. Excess consumption of salt or salty foods can also cause fluid retention in your body, resulting in the problem of puffy eyes. Though, you can reduce the problem of puffy eyes to a great extent but many people face problem in removing them.

Remedies to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Here we are discussing few ways by which you can reduce your problem of puffy eyes to great extent:

1. Drink lots of water– The problem of puffy eyes occurs due to improper or poor flow of fluids in your body. Therefore, you should make it a habit to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day to improve fluid circulation in body to lessen this problem of puffy eyes.

2. Cucumber slices – This is very effective way of reducing and then subsequently removing the puffy eyes. You should make thin slices of cucumber and place them gently on your closed peepers. This will immediately soothe your plum and tired eyelids.  In the absence of cucumbers, you can use a simple spoon. Keep two spoons in your refrigerator till they are chilled. The freezing temperature of these spoons will help in diminishing the puffy eyes.

3. Tea bags – The treatment of under eye skin area using cold tea bags is an effective way to reduce puffy eyes. This also helps in reducing and eliminating any toxins in your under eye skin area. You can soak tea bags in chilled water for few minutes before placing them on your eyes. This will amazingly reduce your under eye puffiness. The caffeine present in the tea can assist a lot in improved blood circulation for reducing any unused water or toxins in your under eye skin area.

4. Natural eye cream – After following the above mentioned methods, you should immediately apply natural eye cream on your under eye skin area. You should ensure that your eye cream has natural ingredients like Eyeliss and Haloxyl. Eyeliss can dramatically reduce fluid retention in your under eye skin area and also improve its elasticity. Haloxyl can flush out any toxins that are present in your dermis area.
It is not that difficult to cure the problem of puffy eyes. There are many natural methods that work fast with lasting results. If you can use the natural methods discussed above, you will surely be able to remove your under eye puffiness and will have a better looking eyes.