Can Tobacco or Alcohol Cause Puffy Eyes?

Alcohol Causes Puffy EyesEverybody is aware that tobacco and alcohol are injurious to your health, but their excessive consumption can even ruin your good looks. Alcohol and tobacco can make you age faster and cause fluid retention in your under eye skin area as they negatively affect the fluid circulation in the body. This causes puffy eyes due to swelling in under eye skin area.

Puffy eyes can make your face ugly and you may much more than your actual age. However, you can easily get rid of your puffy eyes problem and there are many natural remedies for the same.

How to get rid of puffiness caused by alcohol and tobacco?

Firstly, you should increase your fluid intake by consuming lots of water (6-8 glasses) every day. You should also reduce your salt consumption because salt is known to increase fluid retention. Aside from this, you should work towards getting a much better sleep.

Cooling Off

You can use different types of cold compresses that can dramatically reduce your puffy eye condition to great extent. You can use icy water, ice cubes, chilled cucumber and potato slices on your under eye skin area. When you are using liquids like ice water or milk, you should use cotton balls and then place them on your under eye area after compressing them. You should repeat this process for about 10 minutes to get good results. You should not keep ice cubes for longer duration than is easily tolerable.

Adapt a Good Diet

Consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits like cucumber, potatoes and strawberries. Each of such fruits and vegetables has many vitamins and nutrients that can revitalize the under eye skin area thereby reducing its puffiness.

When you are using such natural remedies, you should keep patience as persistence can payoff within a shortest time. You should also remember that what will work for a particular person may not work for another one. So, bit of experimentation will work wonders for you. Most of these natural remedies are effective and provide long lasting relief.

Acupressure / Acupuncture

Acupuncture to Reduce PuffinessYou can boost the circulation in your under eye skin area by trying acupressure. This is a simple exercise that can be done every day. Shut your eyes and use your ring finger for pressing the under eye area of your skin. After this, move your finger from the inner corner to the outer corner. All this would not take more than 20 minutes of your time.

Natural Remedies

Some products like Allantoin and organic green tea can help in reducing any damage to the cell membranes that can cause thinning of tissues. Many essential oils like coconut oil, emul oil or jojoba have deep penetrative properties in the dermal layers of skin and can reduce the inflammation to great extent. They also help in promoting healthy growth of skin and reduce water imbalance in body.

Several botanical extracts like aloe, ivy and sunflower see oil assist in toning up under eye skin and also fight chronic and acute under eye puffiness.

You will observe gradual reduction in puffiness over a period of few months after using all the above mentioned corrective remedies. You should also consume nutrient rich diet for a healthy skin.