What causes Dark Eye Circles?

There are different conditions that cause eye bags or puffy eyes. One condition that is mainly characterized by dark blemishes noticed around your eyes is called Periorbital Dark Circles. It is commonly referred to as dark circles. In order to know if this is what you are dealing with you will need to know the causes of this condition. Here are the most common ones.


In most situations dark eye circles are basically blood vessels that one can see through our skin. You should be aware of the fact that the skin that is located around your eyelids is the thinnest you will find in the entire body at just 0.5 mm thickness. Just like in varicose veins the dark circles are an inherited trait at times. When the blood will pass through the largest veins located near the skin they can produce bluish tint. If the skin is transparent then the circles noticed are going to be darker. People that have deep-set bone structure can also have dark eyes because of shadowing.

Eczema, Asthma and Allergies

All conditions that will cause itching in the area around the eyes will contribute to dark eye circles. This happens because you scratch or rub the area around them. Those that suffer from hay fever are particularly affected. Also, there are some food allergies that will have a similar effect on the skin around the eyes, making it appear darker.


All medications that will cause dilation in blood vessels can cause dark eye circles. This is because the sink in the area is delicate and any blood flow increase will show.


If you are not eating right you can see discoloration in the skin around the eyes. In most cases we are in front of a mineral iron lack although other nutrients can have similar effects. The most common anemia type is iron deficiency. This is a clear sign that body tissues do not receive enough oxygen. During menstruation or pregnancy similar effects can be seen as there are iron lacks at times.


If we do not sleep enough or are too tired we can end up with pale skin. This will allow the blood to be visible and will appear darker or bluer.


Unfortunately, as we age we can be faced with dark eye circles that are more visible. The reason for this is the fact that our skin will lose collagen. It is thus thinner and much more translucent.

No matter what the cause is for your dark eye circles you need to understand that there are solutions. Consult a doctor or simply try one of the very good eye creams available on the market. The results are usually amazing.