Facts About Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is also known as Asian eyelid surgery. We are basically referring to a cosmetic procedure in which the skin around your eyes is reshaped. The reason why this happens is that an eyelid with no crease is worked on and the result is an eyelid that presents a crease. In the event that you are considering getting double eyelid surgery done you should know some facts about it.
For starters, the procedure is really simple. Excess skin will be removed from the tissue located under the eyes and there are also fat pads that are to be removed. There are many similarities with the regular eyelid surgery technique. The problem is that you want to deal only with professionals because of the fact that the surgeon will have to know much about how and where to make the correct incisions and how much fat to remove. They will also need to always be aware of where the new crease should be positioned. Below if a preview of the before and after the surgery:

Before After
Before & After Asian EYelid Surgery Photos Before & After Asian Eyelid Surgery Photos (After)

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Preparation for double eyelid surgery starts a number of weeks before you are actually going through with the procedure. Alcohol consumption should be eliminated and an increase of vitamin E is necessary. You need to eliminate any substance that would prolong bleeding. Talk to your doctor about this subject. In the day before the surgery you will need to make sure that you properly clean your eyes and keep them clean. Also, you will need to talk to the surgeon about specific instructions that have to be respected in the day when the double eyelid surgeDouble Eyelid Surgery Before Afterry is to be performed. This is because different doctors will have different requirements.

After the procedure is done it is highly important that you pay attention to what you are doing in the first days. The crease will usually look higher than normal but it will eventually fall right into place in around 2 months. In the event that you will notice swelling, discoloration and bruising, we highly recommend that you do not worry as this is normal. Just follow the guidelines that the doctor told you to and all will be perfect.

You should also be informed about the risks that you might have to go through after the double eyelid surgery. We are not in front of a highly invasive procedure but risks do exist. In rare case you might develop hematoma, retinal detachment, ectropian, eyelid corner swelling, whiteheads upon suture removal, scarring, problems to keep the eyes closed, dryness, infection and tearing.

The good news is that this is a procedure that is safe but you only want to deal with surgeons that can prove that they have experience in performing double eyelid surgery. Make sure that you only work with the best plastic surgeons.