Eyebag Causes: Alcohol

Eye bags and puffy eyes are problems that all of us want to avoid at all costs. We cannot look young or feel happy with our appearance whenever something like this appears. The problem is that most people will look at different causes of eye bags and puffy eyes but they might not realize that lifestyle changes are needed.

Alcohol can have a very negative effect on our bodies. It can affect not only the way that we think. When most people refer to alcohol they are mainly considering how people react when they are under the influence. The biggest problem with alcohol is not that. If you drink too much and you do so constantly you will be faced with a much faster aging process when compared with those that do not.

Alcohol stands out as a food that has absolutely no nutritional value. This basically means that all of the calories that you take in are not going to help you in any real way. When alcohol abuse is noticed people tend to become undernourished. This lack of nutrients that is caused by drinking instead of eating (as the body takes in calories and does not need food) will immediately have an effect on how we look.

There are different signs that we are drinking too much alcohol. In most cases people will have their hair drier than usual and the lips are going to crack. Acne is known to become worse and the skin will gain a puffy look. The eyes tend to catch a glassy aspect and the skin around the eyes will be turned towards a vein look. Unfortunately this will immediately cause puffy eyes and in some situations even eye bags can appear.

To put it simple, if we drink too much alcohol we can end up seeing that we develop puffy eyes and eye bags but this is not what should concern us. When the changes around our eyes appear due to drinking too much alcohol we are actually really close to developing other serious health problems as well. We recommend that you immediately talk to a doctor as soon as you notice eye bags and puffy eyes. Be honest with him and tell him how much alcohol you drink. If you believe that the puffy eyes are caused by drinking too much alcohol you should simply stop drinking for around one month. If the cause is indeed alcohol then the skin around your eyes should begin to look better.