Eyebag Causes: Sleep Deprivation

Puffy eyes and eye bags can be caused by many things. In some cases we are dealing with heredity but in others there is fluid retention that is caused by hormone levels and weather. Even allergies can cause the appearance of puffy eyes and eye bags. However, even if there are many causes for developing such conditions, sleep deprivation and crying stand out as the most common of all.

Crying and sleep deprivation is going to cause puffy eyes because of the fact that there will be sodium that will be present under your eyelids. They are going to swell and puffiness appears. Also, if you are not sleeping you cannot properly recover and you will start to feel and look as if you are really tired. Most people that do not sleep properly or suffer from sleeping disorders are going to have eye bags and puffy eyes.

The good news about puffy eyes and eye bags that are caused by sleep deprivation is the fact that they are usually going to disappear as soon as you start sleeping normally again. Unfortunately if you were faced with long exposure to lack of sleep you are to have serious problems and might require special treatment.

It is recommended that you start using eye cream that is designed for eye bags or puffy eyes. This is because they are especially formulated so that they can help. Contrary to what some doctors might tell you, there isn’t always the need to go through surgery. Such a myth has been formulated in order to get more clients. The truth is that eye bags are usually treated with the use of surgery but when they are caused by sleep deprivation there is a really strong chance that there are other ways in which the problem can be solved.

When your puffy eyes are caused by lack of sleep you can also use various medications and eye drops. In the event that your face will swell around the eye area you should consult a doctor. This is because you might be faced with hypothyroidism, which is usually causing puffy eyes that most people mistakenly link with sleep deprivation. In addition, you might want to use different pillows and mattresses as your lack of sleep might be caused by simply sleeping in a bad position. We also recommend that you always avoid alcohol and salty foods intake before you go to bed.

Puffy eyes that are caused by sleep deprivation can sometimes be treated with the use of several home remedies. We recommend that you refrigerate eye gel and apply it on all the areas that are swollen. Cool compresses are also highly useful. In the movies you saw cucumbers that are used and you should be aware of the fact that this home remedy is highly efficient. If the condition continues and you cannot get rid of your eye bags and puffy eyes there is a very strong chance that the cause is something else. Consult a specialist immediately.