Five Methods to Remove Under-Eye Bags

remedies for eye bagsNowadays it is really important to pay attention to the way we look. This makes us feel good and has a positive psychological impact on our lives. Nobody wants to have under-eye bags because they make us look older and less attractive. Unfortunately there are many reasons why eye bags can appear. For most of us we are just talking about regular aging process. As we get older the skin will lose collagen and this makes it more likely to develop eye bags. On the other hand, there are numerous other factors that can cause eye bags. Allergies are really common.

The real problem stands in the fact that there are no clear cut remedies that will remove eye bags completely. Also, in some situations we cannot be 100% of the actual cause of the condition. At times all we can do is remove some possible causes and end up with others that cannot be ruled out. The good news is that there are different ways in which we can remove under-eye bags or at least make them less visible. Let us take a look at these methods.


yotox facial exercises remedyThis is a very interesting facelift solution that is non-surgical. All you have to do is basically sit cross-legged while placing the first 2 fingers on each of your hands on opposite sides of the nose. The fingers need to press against the area located around 1 inch down from the eye. You will thus find an energy point. If you apply light pressure on it while you keep your eyes closed and move the eyes upwards you will have a great effect on the area. This treatment option has been proven to reduce puffiness while also stimulating fluid drainage. The problem is that you should consult a specialist in order to learn the proper technique.


woman taking a nap to get rid of eye bagsNaps are highly useful when dealing with under-eye bags. Scientists have proven that if you sleep for 15 minutes you can fool the brain. It will believe that you slept enough and this will have a positive effect when faced with eye bags caused by psychological factors and lack of sleep. Although taking short naps can help to reduce eye bags we still recommend you to sleep well every day which will show the greatest results in terms of reducing eye bags.

Cooling Off

ice cube for cooling offThere are many eye gels that have a cooling effect. They are great in shrinking blood vessels. This reduces a large part of the puff we might notice. You can also place cold cucumbers or cold tea bags on the affected area which has been known to work for some people. It has not been scientifically proven that placing tea bags or cucumbers worked better than simply placing ice cubes or any other cold material on the affected area but many people swear by this method.


acupressure Acupressure uses your body’s vital energy points in order to reduce stress, cure some small illnesses and in your case will be used to reduce eye bags. This does bring in great results but we recommend that you only deal with specialists as you should never use energy points if you do not know what you are doing. This is not something you can try at home. Learning the proper techniques and locating pressure points can take years to perfect.

Potato Therapy

potato therapy to get rid of eye bagsPotatoes actually contain catecholase, which is a very common ingredient in skin care products. Simply cut potato slices and put them on your eye bags for around 20 minutes daily and you will surely notice an improvement after a few days. You can also try to cool off the potato slices before placing them on the eye bags area. This way you will apply the “cooling off” remedy as well in order to achieve better results.