Home Remedies

There are many different thing that you can do in order to cure your eye bags or black eye circles at home. You could use creams to decrease the visibility of black eye circles by moisturizing the skin and removing toxic body liquids but there are also natural home remedies that you could try. We will be mostly discussing these kinds of remedies in this article. We have compiled a mice small thing that you could try before doing any major lifestyle changes:

tea bag remedyTea Bag Remedy. You can use any kind of tea be it green or black. There is not much of a difference. Many caffeinated teas help compress blood vessels as well as reduce swelling which works very well with eye bags or black eye circles. Herbal teas on the other hand are anti-irritants that can smooth redness as well as inflammation. What you should do is prepare two bags of tea. Place them in hot water for about 3-4 minutes and let them cool until they become somewhat warm. Find a conformable place to lie down such as a bed or a sofa and place the tea bags on your eyes. Cover the tea bags with a soft piece of cloth. You can also refrigerate the tea bags and apply them on a hot day for a refreshing experience.

cucumber remedyCucumbers Remedy. The above exercise works with cucumbers as well. The properties of the vegetable when applied to skin also help to constrict your blood vessels therefore reducing the appearance of eye bags of any kind. Do remember that this is only a temporary fix and you will have to find the cause of eye bags in order to get rid of them completely.

egg whites remedyEgg Whites Remedy. Take 2 eggs and whip the egg white until it becomes stiff.Find some kind of soft cloth or blush. Carefully apply the egg whites that you have just prepared to the area on your face where the eye bags of puffiness is located. Soon your skin will become slightly tighter therefore reducing the baggy eyes look. This will help to reduce your eye bags temporarily but will not get rid of them completely.

cold water washing faceCold Water Remedy. You will not always have time to place cucumbers or tea bags on you face during a weekday morning just before going to work so here is a slightly faster but less effective way to reduce eye bags. Simply go to the bathroom and splash some cold water a few times on your face. The cold water will reduce swellings and constrict blood vessels reducing black eye circles & eye bags.

drinking water remedyDrinking Water. By drinking a lot of water you can actually get rid or make your eye bags and black eye circles smaller. We recommend you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. This will make sure that your body stays hydrated at all time and will reduce bodily water retention. Water retention can cause eye bags by accumulating excess water in the under eye ares. You could think of your eye bags as the camels humps. The camel stores water in his humps in order to survive in the hot desert. You body does almost the same thing. It enters a survival mode and  stores water in your body (eye bags) to make sure you will always have enough water to survive. To avoid this, make sure you always drink enough water.

salt eye bags remedySalt Remedy. As you may already know, consuming a lot of salt can cause baggy eyes but placing salt it self on your baggy eyes can reduce them. Mix some salt with warm water to obtain a salty liquid then dip some soft cloth or cotton pads into the solution and apply to the inflated area. Keep the cotton pads under your eyes for about 10 minutes and rest. You under-eye area should be deflated after the application.

If you are looking for more solutions against eye bags, there are plenty of face creams out there that can do magic against under eye bags or black eye circles.