How Anemia Can Cause Dark Circles & Remedies for Dark Circles

Dark under eyes depict a lot about a person’s health. These black under eye circles represent your tiredness and mar your overall looks.

For example, these dark under eye circles can indicate poor functioning of your body organs like liver, kidney, etc. Sometimes, blood problems like anemia (decrease in the number of red blood cells) can also result in dark under eye circles. This is one of the most common blood problems and is often characterized by black under eye circles due to the flow of oxygen deficient blood in this sensitive area.

Now what can be done about these dark under eye circles? Well, solutions like lotions, natural creams or specialized food products will not produce long lasting results as symptoms could return when treatment is stopped. Instead, you should consult your doctor to find the root cause and then take the recommended medication to improve the situation.

A few tips and remedies to reduce dark circles

Aside from the medication, you can use the below mentioned natural remedies to get rid of dark under eye circles.

  • Milk and nutmeg paste – You can make a paste of milk and nutmeg and apply it on your under eye skin. Then leave it there for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off. It can help you in reducing your dark under eyes.
  • Cucumber Juice – You can make thin slices of cucumber and place them directly on your eyes. Alternatively, you can take cucumber juice and soak cotton pads in it and then apply them on your under eye areas for a period of about 10-15 minutes. This is a nice time duration for cucumber juice to work on the under eye skin area and can effectively reduce dark under eyes and puffy eyes.
  • Lime and tomato juice – You can mix equal parts of these two juices. Now wash your face with fresh water and apply this mixture under your eyes using cotton balls. Wash it after the duration of 20 minutes.  You can repeat this process daily for achieving great results.
  • Acupressure – This is famous Chinese way to get remarkable results in case of many diseases and disorders. You can use acupressure to remove dark under eyes by gently pressing this skin area with the help of index finger for the duration of 2-4 seconds. You can repeat this procedure for about 10 times each morning.
  • Mint Leaves – Mint leaves can also help in reducing dark under eyes. Crush these leaves in the form of paste and apply it on your dark under eye circles for a period of about 15 minutes.
  • Potato – potatoes are excellent for reducing dark under eyes and puffy eyes. Make thin slices of potatoes and apply it on your under eye skin area and keep it in this position for about 10 minutes. You can repeat this process two to three times a day to get faster results.

By using all these remedies, you will see market improvement in your dark under eyes and slowly your under eye skin will start returning to its normal color.