How to Prevent Puffy Eyes?

by Ally on January 14, 2011

How to Prevent Puffy EyesNowadays it is highly important to pay close attention to our appearance. Everyone is judging us and we should look our best at all times. The problem is that most of us have to live in a very hectic environment. There are numerous factors that can negatively affect us and every single factor will put a mark on our looks. Puffy eyes are among the most common signs that we are living a very busy life and that we do not get enough rest. Unfortunately we cannot sleep more and this means that we are going to have to take a different approach on taking care of those unattractive signs.

The best way to handle puffy eyes is to try to prevent them from appearing in the first place. One of the most important factors that have to be considered is staying hydrated. In the event that we are thirsty our body is dehydrated. When the human body is properly hydrate the urine is clear and this is a good sign that you are drinking enough water. We should also note that there are some drugs that will alter urine color. Your doctor can tell you if your medication has this effect.

Another great thing to do to prevent the appearance of puffy eyes is to reduce salt intake. Our body will store salt with fluid suspension. This can gather in the areas around our eyes. Also, if we lower the intake of salt we will get different other benefits for our health.

Women can end up with puffy eyes because of a very unhealthy habit: sleeping while wearing make-up. It does not matter how tired you are as you should always use make-up remover. Keep brushing and cleaning until the cotton balls or pads will show no make-up signs. It is recommended to use cotton pads instead of tissues in order to remove irritation possibility.

Eye make-up is also dangerous because it can directly cause puffy eyes due to bacteria that appeared. It is a very good idea to never use eye products that are a few months old. Bacteria appear in eye make-up and it will easily reach the area around the eyes when used. This usually leads to swelling of the eyelids. It is also recommended to never share eye care products.

It goes without saying that you need to get as much sleep as possible in order to prevent puffy eyes. If possible, keep the head elevated so that better circulation appears. Specialists recommend that you sleep on the back in order to prevent the collection of fluid in areas around the eyes. Creams are only good at masking puffy eyes. The actual solution is to try to prevent them from appearing whenever you can do so.

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