Is Blepharoplasty Right For You?

Blepharoplasty (commonly referred to as eyelid surgery) is an interesting way to get rid of eye bags. It is basically a procedure through which the doctor will remove fat together with any excess muscle or skin that exists on your lower and upper eyelids. Through eyelid surgery the surgeon can correct drooping eyes and eye bags. A lot of people are considering this solution but before you do this, you should know a few things.

Eyelid surgery is especially recommended when eye bags impact your vision. You should know that it will not help in removing wrinkles and crow’s feet. Also, it does not eliminate dark circles or help in lifting sagging eyebrows. You can use Blepharoplasty in a connection with other facial procedures like browlifts or facelifts.

Although the best person to talk about such a procedure is a specialist doctor, the basics can be explained so that you can realize whether or not you should consider eyelid surgery in order to remove eye bags. Blepharoplasty can make positive changes to your self-confidence and appearance but it might not bring in amazing results. Also, it does not change how others will treat you. Before you even think about the surgery you will need to think about expectations and discuss if they can be reached when discussing with the surgeon.

In most situations people that are considered to be the best eyelid surgery candidates are physically healthy, stable psychologically and have realistic expectations. It is recommended at an age of over 35 even if when dealing with heredity as an eye bags cause you can opt for it at a younger age.

The surgery is considered 100% sure but as with any medical intervention, there are some medical conditions that will make it risky. The most dangerous is thyroid problems. Common examples are Graves’ disease and hypothyroidism. The doctor might advise you to not go through blepharoplasty when you suffer from dry eyes, high blood pressure, you do not have enough tears, are faced with cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. Caution is also highly important when dealing with patients that have glaucoma or show a detached retina.

Specialists agree that eyelid surgery should be the last solution that you opt for when facing eye bag problems. The correct approach is to first notice why they appear and then use less intrusive methods to deal with them. There are some great eye creams that will help a lot in dealing with eye bags if you are suffering from problems with the skin around your eye. Alternatively, you can try to give up on lifestyle habits that might cause eye bags like alcohol, tobacco and insufficient sleep. Only after these fail you should opt for surgery.