Medication: Can It Cause Dark Under Eye Circles?

Medication Can Cause Under Eye Circles

The unwanted dark under eye circles depict that you are not keeping best of health. These unwanted circles are not at all appealing and make you look much older than your age. Sometimes, when you are on medication, such under eye skin discoloration can occur due to side effects (blood vessels dilate and expand) of medicines which mostly disappear automatically when medication is stopped.

Tips to reduce under eye circles

Sometimes, such dark under eye circles persist even when medication is stopped. We are discussing few of them below for your benefit:

1. Water consumption– It is very important for you to increase your intake of water. This is very beneficial for your body as it helps it in getting rid of toxins and also improves blood circulation especially in the under eye skin area.

2. Avoid a stressful life and take adequate amount of sleep each day. You should also avoid watching too much of television. Similarly if you are working on computer, you should take small breaks after every 20-25 minutes to give requisite rest to your eyes.

3. Salt– You should reduce your salt intake as too much of salt can cause the fluid retention in body. Aside from this, improper fluid circulation can also cause dark circles under the sensitive under eye skin. You should also avoid eating too much of processed foods.

4. Natural eye creams – A good eye cream that is rich in natural ingredients is quite helpful in reducing the effect of dark under eyes to great extent. You can apply such creams before going to bed and in mornings on the under eye skin area. This cream will also keep your skin properly moisturized.

5. Cucumber – You should make thin slices of cucumber and then keep them on each of your eyes to all skin around your eyes to relax. This also helps in the hydration of the skin and banishes dark eyes. Follow it up by the application of natural under eye cream.

7. Vitamin E – You should use natural products based moisturizers on your under eye skin areas. This helps in hydrating your under eye skin and improves its complexion to a great extent.

8. Almond Oil – This miracle oil is great for all skin problems. You can massage this oil gently on your under eye skin areas on regular basis. You can do this one a day before going to bed and then rinsing it off when you get up in morning.

9. Pineapple Juice and Turmeric Powder – This is very effective antioxidant that helps in expeditiously treating the damaged sensitive under eye skin thereby removing dark under eye circles. You should apply this paste of pineapple juice and turmeric powder on your under eye skin every day in morning to remove your black under eye circles.

10. Vitamin K – It has been scientifically proved that vitamin K can help a lot in repairing the damaged under eye capillaries. Therefore, you should take diet rich in this particular vitamin. You can also take its supplements in consultation with your doctor.