Natural Remedies for Dealing with Dark Eye Circles

by Ally on January 14, 2011

Remedies Against Eye BagsUnfortunately nowadays it is really hard to cope with all the stress that surrounds us. Most of us are faced with lack of sleep and different other situations that will have a negative impact on the way we look. Dark eye circles and eye bags are really common. Nobody likes having them because they make us look a lot older than we are. Also, the more we use makeup to cover eye bags, the better they are going to be noticed. The good news is that we have many eye bag creams that we can buy in pharmacies. They are going to work but the bad news is that they are quite expensive. Instead of spending money on them we can first try natural remedies that will work for most people. Let us take a look at the best remedies that we can use with great results.


The reason why you keep hearing about this remedy and you see it used in TV shows or movies is because it actually works! If you take a cucumber out of your refrigerator and simply cut it into rounds, then place them on your eyes you will gain a lot of benefits. All you need to do is relax for around 15 minutes while keeping the rounds on your eyes. When all is done, throw the cucumber pieces away. Repeat daily or whenever you feel like you need it!

Cold Tea Bags

This is a natural remedy for eye bags that few people are aware of. After you drink your tea you need to save the tea bag. Let it cool down and then use the same method mentioned above for cucumbers. You can even place the tea in a refrigerator in order to make it even cooler. Lie down with the eyes closed and cover every eyelid with one cold tea bag. Stay and relax for fifteen minutes. After this just throw away the tea bag and rinse the area around your eyes with water. You will need to be extra careful when you lie down because tea will stain if it drips. It is recommended to place a towel under your head before using the cold tea bags to aid in dealing with eye bags.


Potatoes are really good because they actually contain the enzyme that a lot of beauty companies will use in eye bag creams. Before you pay money for such products you can try using potatoes to see if it works for you. Why lose money when this home remedy for eye bags is available cheaply? You will want to grate the potato and put it in cheesecloth. Put it on your eyes and follow a similar procedure as mentioned above.

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