What is organic skin care & products?

by Ally on January 14, 2011

Organic Skin ProductsYou probably already know that using organic skin care is good for you body. But is it like that? Organic skin care doesn’t simply mean to use natural products and products containing natural ingredients. By understanding what organic treatment is, you will be able to benefit the most out of your skin care investment by choosing the right products for your skin.

If a product is organic it means that it is composed of at least 95% of organic ingredients. So, a product with 95% of carbon-based ingredients can be considered a healthy and organic product. For example, if a cosmetic product contains some non-organic chemicals such as petroleum, it can still be called organic if the percentage of non-organic ingredients does not exceed 5% of the product ingredients. You need to make sure that you know this definition by heart before you consider buying so called organic products.

Most if the skin care products actually actually contain some kind of chemicals such as preservatives in order to make sure that the product has a good shelf life. A completely “organic” product meaning that it contains absolutely no chemicals will be impossible to find in retail stores for safety and preserving reasons.

When looking to buy an organic product, you should look out products that contain ingredients that are “Derived from” organic products. For example, if the label says “Derived from Lavender oils”, that ingredient can be considered organic.

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