Tea Bag Remedy

There are different home remedies that can help you deal with puffy eyes. Even so, it would be much better if you could eliminate the causes instead of treating the condition. Because of this we recommend that you seriously consider improving your sleeping conditions if you suffer from sleeping deprivation and try to eliminate all the causes of your puffy eyes. However, there are different cases in which it is too late or we cannot do much about the puffy eye causes. In this case we can stick to using eye creams, drops, medication and home remedies. Out of all the home remedies, tea bags are the ones that are less known by people so we should talk about them.

How does it work?

The tea bag remedy can help you to improve fluid draining and retention in the area located under your eyes. This will help in reducing the puffiness and swelling that is noticed. Also, the tea will also include powerful antioxidants and this helps in fighting free radicals that will always appear while aging around the skin tissue zone. Premature aging can be fought a little more with the help of this tea bag remedy while also being able to attack puffy eyes.

How to apply it?

tea bag remedy for eye bags and dark circlesThe first step in using tea bags as a remedy for puffy eyes is to start boiling some water. Simply make some tea. Put in the tea bags as you normally do and we recommend that you mainly use black tea, white tea or green tea blends. Squeeze the tea bag after around five to eight minutes have passed in order to get the best results possible. After squeezing allow them to cool. For extra coolness you can even put them in the fridge once they are not boiling hot anymore so you would not damage the appliances.

tea bag remedy step 2When the tea bags are cold enough you need to lie down and relax. Put them over your eyes and over the areas that require most of the attention. Keep in mind that you have to keep your eyes closed the entire time and that some teas are going to leave a nasty stain so use a towel under your head. Simply relax for 10 to fifteen minutes and allow them to sit. You might look funny if someone was to see you but the benefits are very strong. The tea that you made can be drank before you apply the tea bags or after. It all depends on whether or not you like cold tea.

What will you achieve?

By simply using this home remedy once daily you will be fighting puffy eyes in a really easy way. Keep in mind that some people will have to deal with puffy eyes for the rest of their lives but no matter your personal case, your looks are surely going to be improved.