What Causes Eye Bags?

Most people do not have eye bags even if they think that they do. In most situations we are faced with dark circles or puffiness. This is great news as this condition is really easy to treat if you just use some of the many skin care products on the market. In the event that you do suffer from eye bags it will be a lot harder to get rid of them. In many cases the only real cure stands in blepharoplasty, which is a surgical procedure. When you go through that procedure the surgeon will basically remove excess muscle, skin and fat around your eyes. In the event that you cannot afford surgery there are still different ways in which you can handle the situation from using good eye creams for eye bags to making lifestyle changes.

Most eye bags are caused by fat that is accumulated in the area around our eyes. In most cases this will happen because of the fact that the septum that surrounds our eyeball will weaken. Because of this the outer fat layer within the socket is going to sink forward. This will create the impression of having bags under the eyes. As we age it is only normal that this condition can happen. Unfortunately, before we start treating the eye bags we do need to rule out medical conditions as there are some that will cause eye bags to appear.

Contrary to what you might believe, if you are suffering from a kidney disease you can develop eye bags. When this happens the doctor is surely going to let you know about what has to be done in order to treat the condition. If you manage to treat the kidney disease you will also get rid of the eye bags in time.

We should also mention that a poor diet can be responsible for eye bags. This is mostly true when talking about sodium excess. When we take in too much we will have our body retaining water. This will cause puffy bags located right under the eyes. Puffiness can also be experienced in the abdomen, ankles, feet and legs. Avoid fast food or processed foods and always make sure that you drink enough water in order to get rid of excess sodium that might appear in your body.

Sometimes the eye bags are caused by having too many toxins inside our bodies. A detoxification might be necessary. Also, people that suffer from hypothyroidism will have similar problems. A slow working thyroid is currently affecting 2 percent of all women from around the world. This might also cause eye bags and if you suspect this you should immediately consult your doctor.