What Causes Puffy Eyes?

puffy eyesPuffy Eyes are scientifically known under the name periorbital puffiness. Sometimes it is also referred to as swelling around eyes. To put it simple, we are talking about tissue swelling that is noticed in the orbits area. In most cases the reason for developing such a condition is a buildup of fluid in the affected area. In the event that the only area affected is the one under the eyes then people will refer to them as eye bags.

Some people already have a normal puffiness showing, usually caused by fatigue or aging but there are different conditions that will make matters worse. Periorbital tissues will usually swell after waking up for most people but the condition usually goes away fast. In other cases we might be in front of something else. Let us look at the most common causes of puffy eyes.

Mononucleosis – Eyes will become swollen and puffy with oedema that is located in the supra-orbital regions. In most cases we are in front of infection.

Sleep Deprivation or Oversleeping – Sleep cycles that are interrupted will usually cause puffy eyes.

Diet – If you eat too much salt fluid retention is encouraged, thus creating puffy eyes.

Tobacco and Alcohol use – These two contain different toxins that will lead to fatigue, hormonal changes and stress. Also, when abusing, you will be faced with swelling and fluid retention around your eyes.

Allergies – An Allergic reaction can possibly lead to subcutaneous capillary bed leaks. This causes face swelling in different areas, including the appearance of puffy eyes.

Skin Disorders – Puffy eyes can appear as a side effect of a number of different skin disorders. The most common one is dermatitis.

Aging – The skin that around our eyes will become thinner as we grow older. This can lead to drooping or swelling.

Crying – Tears contain salt and when we cry we might end up with fluid retention caused by it.

Hypothyroidism – Periorbital swelling and facial puffiness can appear when there is an infiltration with chondroitin sulfate and mucopolysaccharides hyaluronic acid.

Chagas Disease – This condition is also known under the name American Trypanosomiasis. In most cases the people affected are young and when they are in an acute state of the disease, puffy eyes can appear.

Periorbital Cellulitis – An infection and inflammation of one’s eyelid and different skin portions located around the eyes.

Trichinosis – When suffering from this condition you will end up with muscle pain, fever and periorbital edema. These are the main symptoms that happen after eating infected, raw pork.

As you can see, there are many conditions that can cause puffy eyes. In the event that you suspect any of them and you do not know how to get treated you should consult a doctor, especially when faced with some of the damaging diseases mentioned above.